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If you know exactly what is required to fill out this form it is a simple matter of filling it out and giving it to the archivist to get it in for the next scheduled pull — only four pulls are done per day and you are allowed to submit requests for only one record group at a time more on record groups below. These sale and shipping records represent only a small portion of the database and they will not be addressed here. With each firing, the gap between the breech-block and the barrel would be larger. The lock plate on the right side of the receiver retains both the Lawrence patent markings plus the C. It appears the barrels were made in Columbus, Ga. Sporterized Model Springfield Rifle, serial number. A peculiarity of most blades, officers or contract pieces, is that the sharpened portion extends from tip to about two inches from the guard thence graduating to a rounded portion such as found on the back of the blade. Other questions arise as to whether 6-stop and stop revolvers were made at the same place, and if so, why? So it was a wedding present? Dated units returns exist showing Spencer serial numbers in the field are considerably higher. The firm was dissolved at the end of the war. I now own a Smith, my third 50 caliber carbine Pietta. Originally, there were multiple diaries covering Stickney's entire service, but the set was broken up, and this volume is all the seller has.

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Sharps Carbine Serial Numbers, American Civil War ForumsRe, Spencer carbine - serial numbers Civil War Sharps Carbines and Rifles by Earl J. Coates () [Earl J. Coates The list of serial number issued to various regiments was of great value !. And so it goes the list may not be endless, but it is long. .. Serial numbers observed (Smith) range between — right. Townsend gives another example of rifle-fire effect during the Civil War: "A large number of Southern. Carbine Pistol Advisor Model x Twist Type barrel ban. gdmoody replied Winchester m1 carbine serial number lookup - I am confident that there forces during many guerrilla civil wars throughout Latin America until when. Serial number lists, alterations and markings, issue, service in the field, repairs .. history of two rare and unusual Civil War cavalry carbines, their development, . New Model Sharps carbine- serial number C, Issued to Company C. - 5th Illinois Discover ideas about Civil Wars. New Model Sharps. Springfield Armory Museum - Collection RecordSharps rifle - WikipediaRe, Spencer carbine - serial numbersStarr carbine serial numbers [Archive] - North-South Skirmish AssociationPietta smith carbine serial numbers Many versions of all three arms were later converted for use with and caliber metallic cartridge ammunition in the years following the Civil War. The New Model Carbine and Rifle, available in,, and calibers, were the first Sharps arms designed for . Since June of 'mat!_SW', a fellow Spanish Civil War Mosin Nagant enthusiast and member of the forum, has been compiling a list of serial numbers off of known Spanish Civil War Mosin Nagant rifles. This work has proven to be very interesting and has shed some light on the probable serial number range of M/30 rifles that were sent to Spain. While this is the later model of Burnside, earlier models were manufactured in smaller numbers. A total of 55, Burnside carbines were made. This one with a serial number of is still early enough to have seen service. This model of Burnside was produced in a different serial number range from the earlier models. Still serial number records show Burnside's in this range being issued. Spencer Repeating Civil War Carbine Description: This is a very nice Civil War Carbine with 40% blue and case colors. The butt stock has two nice stock cartouches. The 22” barrel has a very good and shiny bore with only a little bit of black powder corrosion showing. The serial number is and was made in .

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I think there my favorite, but like everything else that changes with time. A historic and remarkable holding still in the original album that the Dearborn family kept them in. Copies are 15 cents a page and the paper used is a large, non-standard size. It is one of the best condition carbines in the Guns of the West Collection It's a wonderful gift. The entire handle is wrapped with brass snare trap wire. Then start to compile them. Joseph Ward, who latter founded the Yankton Indian College. IMHO, it would appear Starr just ran the serial numbers. In one out of four cases there is a problem of some sort such as the wrong records being pulled — for example, the 22nd PA Infantry records might have been brought instead of the 22nd PA Cavalry. We hope this information will be useful for those of you considering doing your own military history research. Those are most likely the ones that we see other government cartouches on. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. A remarkable Crow gun case overall 44 inch long. The blade is Frontier blacksmith, made from a gun barrel, with an octangular pipe bowl. Details in the catalog are opinion and are written as an aid to potential bidders. If you have been looking for a cannon this is the one! Yes, the information we find is sometimes mundane but much is not and there are rare finds that by themselves make the effort worthwhile. This alteration was the design of William Wentzel, starting in about April of throughout the course of the war. John, I just contacted a friend who has a Starr Cartridge Carbine and asked for his serial number. All of the Sharps manufacturing and patent information stamps are present and legible on the lock plate, receiver, and barrel, as is the Lawrence patent information present on the rear sight base. Some requests require multiple trips for one reason or another.

Civil war carbine serial number list Burnside Carbine serial number (not a Burnside Spencer) He is the only man on the entire list who left service on that date. . next page that comes up, and click on DETAILS for a look see at the Burnside Civil War Mould. As the years went by I acquired several Marlin and Winchester rifles. Andrew Burgess was a well known Civil War photographer, designer of fire alarms and a prolific designer of firearms. On the first model the serial number is located by opening the action and looking from the top of the receiver to . Join Our Email List. Standard Spencer Civil War rifle. Catalog # - "Rifle, Civil War Relic. .. Dated units returns exist showing Spencer serial numbers in the field are of the Army of the Potomac were at the top of the priority list for repeating carbines. has donated a legendary Henry lever-action rifle from and serial number one of and patented the first practical repeating rifle during the Civil War. Third-party sellers list items on the site and Federal and state laws. BURNSIDE CARBINE for sale online. wood has usual dents, dings, etc, scratched name on stock, serial #, matching. Nice for a Serial Number: Search All Lots, Skinner Auctioneersconfederate guns, Civil War ArsenalBurnside carbine serial number information, American Civil War Forums Smith Cavalry Carbine Inventory Number: RIF Serial Number: Very nice example of the caliber Smith Cavalry Carbine. This Smith’s Patent Carbine carries a three-digit serial number and receiver stampings that reflect an early birth at the American Machine Works factory in . Oct 21,  · Oh yes, Springfield Research Service might have the serial number of your Sharps "on file" as several gentlemen spent several years in the National Archives digging up the serial numbers of military issue weapons from the Civil War until the Post World War . The Model Spencer Carbines that were manufactured between , had serial numbers falling between 11, and 62, The US Army received 45, of these in number and may not be matched by serial numbers. The Sharps rifle was a falling block rifle used during and after the American Civil War. The carbine version was very popular with the cavalry of both the Union and Confederate armies and was issued in much larger numbers than the full-length rifle. Frank Wesson rifle.

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One of these is the Spanish participation on the German side in the last months of the war which has been surrounded in rumours, myths and legends. Including cartridges, cartridge boxes, pouches, belts, slings, sockets, bayonets and scabbards. A Brace of LeMat Revolvers. The particularly well-executed illustrations by renowned artists come from the extensive archives of the Heeresgeschichtliche Museum in Vienna and are presented to the general public here for the first time. History of the famous American designed Bowie knife, manufactured extensively in Sheffield explained and illustrated!! Expertly written text and outstanding photography show you everything you need to know about understanding the AR operating system. It takes the staff an hour to two hours to pull records so plan accordingly. Civil war carbine serial number list